Zerion Wallet

Zerìon — Invest ìn DeFì from one placê.


Interested in DeFi but disinterested in complexity? We’ve got you covered, learn What is Zerion and navigate through DeFi like a pro. 

We absolutely adore how interfaces of online applications have become so seamless and refined over time. You know, the “one-click, job-done” type UI. Unfortunately, most DeFi applications are far from offering anything like that, which could intimidate most newcomers. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Zerion is a decentralized finance platform designed for the modern-day internet users who hate complex interfaces and don’t necessarily have a rocket science degree… that’s most of us.


What we explained above are the issues most beginners face when starting to DeFi. Delve further, and the challenges will only grow bigger for you. When you somehow manage to understand the intricacies of one DeFi protocol, you may have to switch to others or explore new use cases. Then, you will have to individually track all your assets across all the protocols you use. And the list goes on. 

To put an end to all these issues, there’s Zerion. Which offers you an easily navigable DeFi dashboard to build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio.

The platform designers have taken a very minimalistic and Web2-like design approach to offer you an interface like those you’re already familiar with. The whole point of the platform is to make sure you never feel that you stepped on alien land when you start in DeFi. 

Further, when you plan to expand your DeFi portfolio, you won’t have to worry about using multiple platforms. As Zerion is connected to more DeFi protocols than most individuals would use at once, there’s no need to switch between platforms either. 

Let’s now see how Zerion makes it simple for you to build and manage your DeFi portfolio across multiple DeFi protocols.



We’re fans of sleek and minimalistic user interfaces where it’s easy to find anything and everything we need in one glance. And Zerion takes minimalism to the next level.

Using a single window, you can view your overall DeFi investments ranging from staked and lent tokens to your wallet balance. On Zerion, you can choose any of the 60+ supported DeFi protocols to buy new assets, stake, lend, or borrow tokens, create a new vault, and do so much more. The dashboard also helps you track your overall portfolio performance so you do not have to do any math.

If you don’t own any cryptos yet, you can buy Ether (ETH) on Zerion using your credit/debit card or by making a bank transfer. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, the platform can be a good fit for you if you love DeFi.

The best part about this is all these features fit within this simple and elegant looking window: